Ice Cream on the Grass

The clamor of high cheerful voices rang out across the brightly colored structures of the playground. Despite the frigid air of the gray day, a score of children were out and about the modest park, hard at play. “Come on, you’ll never catch me if you run so slow!” “But, Jason to fast!” A small […]

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The Beginning

This story a friend of mine has so graciously let me post her work up here. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. Warning, graphic content.

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CRACK A grunt of pain escapes my lips as I feel something break inside my chest. A rich laughter fills the the room. A cruel voice next to me smirks, “You know, Loatie, this wouldn’t be necessary if you would just tell me the command codes.” I grit my teeth at the voice. Breathing though […]

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The Good Doctor

Bost’s POV. “I said, hand them over, now!” “Like hell I will. I’m not paying you five hundred credits! That’s double the amount I paid last time for parking in the same damn spot.” The blohg just glares down at me in an irritated fashion as he scratches at his chin with a beefy hand […]

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A World Too Small For Two

   A cool breeze stirs the canopy of ancient trees, causing their leaves to murmur softly and their old branches to creak in protest. “We are too old. Stop making us move!” …Well, that’s what I think it sounds like the trees are saying as I slip silently through the undergrowth. The light filters through […]

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Well I as I just said above, hello everybody. It’s been some months since I’ve looked at this blog (not that anyone noticed) but now I’m back. This time I hope that I’m able to go some new heights with this blog. Take it in a bette direction to do some better things Her on […]

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